Season 1




a runaway hit in the summer of 2006, 16 year old Bree turned out to be a 24 year old actress. The whole thing an elaborately-hidden film project.





Star Wars Kid


from Wikipedia:

Ghyslain Raza (born 1988) became widely known on the Internet in May 2003 as the "Star Wars kid" when a video clip he recorded of himself was leaked online. At the time of his celebrity as an internet phenomenon, he was a high school student in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.




Ask A Ninja


You got questions, Ninja got Answers.



Dick In A Box


from Wikipedia:

Dick in a Box (also known as A Special Box[1] and A Special Christmas Box[2]) is a now iconic Saturday Night Live digital short featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg that aired on December 16, 2006.






Season 2

singing on the beach


from Radar Online:

Marylynn Aminrazavi was happy. She was on vacation. Decked out in beach casual—oversized white T-shirt, colorful beach towel, hair in a bun—she leaned back in a chair by the Atlantic Ocean, put on her daughter's iPod, and closed her eyes. Lost in the music, she began to sing along. Loudly.







this kid has a ton of hits. Its mostly because he clicks himself over and over to increase his visibility on YouTube in hopes of becoming a famous guitarist






from Radar Online:

Afroninja's real name is Mark A. Hicks. He's a seasoned and successful Los Angeles-based stuntman with credits in more than 40 films and 60 commercials. He served as stunt-double to Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour films, and won the Best Fight category at the 2002 World Stunt Awards.